North Lancs Swimming & Water Polo Association – Level 3 Meet : 13th & 14th July 2019


North Lancs Swimming & Water Polo Association

Memo To All Clubs for Level 3 Meet License No. 3NW191767

Palatine Leisure Centre Blackpool


Thank you all for your entries.

Special attention is drawn to this condition of entry.


There will be swimmers who do swim much faster than times submitted. This is bound to happen especially with the younger swimmers.


Coach’s passes will be available from the table near the timing suite along with lunch passes.


Withdrawals must be made on an official withdrawal form or by phone to Janice Whittle by text to mobile number 07508 427444 between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm on the Friday before competition.

To help the event run smoothly withdrawals must be made no later than 45 minutes before the start of a session. Swimmers may be subject to a fine of £10 per event for none notification of a withdrawal. Please withdraw in time to avoid empty lanes.


If you have queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


There is a café facility this year. Light refreshments will be available.


Please note that the café will be used at lunch time for officials and coaches but spectators will still be allowed to purchase items and take to their seats etc.



Please look at the list attached and make a note of the session for your club (you only need to provide I person unless otherwise stated).

Clubs are expected to fulfil their duty. If you can’t then it is your job to find someone who can.


Clerk of the Course (comp. steward) – We will be using the school changing rooms as usual for marshalling.                                    


Door stewards: Session 1  – arrive 7:45 am                           Session 2   11:45 am

Session 3 – arrive 7:30 am                           Session 4  11:45 am


Will each club please have people on “stand-by” in case we do need extra help.


Regards and thanks for your co-operation.


Janice Whittle

Accepted Entries

NL19 Prog-Session 1 & 2 Final

NL19 Prog-Session 3 & 4 Final

Accepted Entries

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