Lancashire Championships 2019


Lancashire Championships 2019

Licence No: 1NW190175, 1NW190176 & 1NW190177


January/February 2019

Venues & Dates:

  • Manchester Aquatic Centre 26th & 27th January 2019 and 9th/10th February 2019
  • Wavertree Aquatic Centre Liverpool 2nd/3rd February 2019

Closing Date: Friday 21st December 2018 @ 6pm

Open to: All qualifiers with official ASA times that meet the ‘Consideration Times’

Ensure entry forms are signed and completed clearly with correct entry times and swimmer’s details including D.o.B. and ASA number. Please check the correct age group is entered relative to the swimmers date of birth. All submitted times must be Short Course Times (25m) or Converted Long Course Times taken from an ASA licensed event after 1st March 2018. No split times will be accepted.

Age on day will be as at midnight 31st December 2019

The Age Groups will be 10/11, 12, 13, 14, 15,16 & 17+. Junior Championship is 16 & under.


All cheques should be made Payable to PSC and please use a separate cheque for each entry form and write the swimmers name on the back of the cheque.

Entry fees are £5.50 per event and please include an additional £1 per entry form to go towards the coaches passes.

Please ensure that the correct amount is written on Cheques and exact change is used for cash payments.  NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN.  Extra money will be funded to PSC.

Refunds will be made for non-accepted entries.


Please read the attached documents carefully before submitting entries:

  • LWPSA-Conditions-2019.pdf
  • LWPSA-Programme-of-Events-2019-2.pdf
  • LWPSA-Consideration-Times-2019.pdf
  • LWPSA-Disability-Qualifying-Times-2019.docx
  • PSC Entry Form Lancs Champs 2019.docx 
  • Payment and completed entry form in a sealed envelope marked ‘Lancashire Championships’ to be returned to Roger or Susan Woodcock or hand posted to the PSC post box located in the first aid room on poolside of West View Leisure Centre by Friday 21st December 2018 @ 6pm.


Any queries please contact Roger via email at: prestoncompsec@hotmail.com

PSC Entry Form Lancs Champs 2019





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