PSC Management

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The administration of Preston Swimming Club is done by a group of committed volunteers who give up their time to ensure the smooth running of the Club for all our members.

If you would like to help out with the running & organisation of the Club, please contact the Club Secretary – email address below.

Life Members

Life President - Mr Pete Mason

Vice President - Ms Sue Penrith

PSC Executive Committee

Chairman - Donna Griffiths - pscchairman01@gmail.com

Vice Chairman - Alice Kinnear - pscvicechair@gmail.com

Secretary - Nicola Mann - pscsecretary02@gmail.com

Treasurer - Jon Grundy

Parent Liaison Representative (Senior section) - Nikki Rogerson - pscseniorparentrep@gmail.com

Head Coach - Paul Davison - pscsecretary02@gmail.com

Membership Secretary - Nicola Moran - pscmemberships@gmail.com

Parent Liaison Representative (Junior section) - Donna Griffiths - pscjuniorrep@gmail.com

Welfare Officers

Female Welfare Officer - Carol Rathod - welfare@swimpreston.co.uk

Male Welfare Officer - Dave Gilmore - welfare@swimpreston.co.uk

Club Support Officers

Internal Competition Secretary - Graham Airey - pscgalasecretary@gmail.com

External Competitions Secretary - Judith Williams/Suzanne Parker - pscextcompsec@gmail.com

Social Secretary - Claire Norcross - pscsocialsec@gmail.com

Publicity Officer - Louise Jessop

Gala Coordinator - John Wafer - jmwafer001@hotmail.co.uk

Fundraising Coordinator - Vacant