How To Join The Club

We always welcome new members to our club

Parents of swimmers wishing to join one of our training squads should contact the club’s Head Coach, Paul Davison. Parents of swimmers wishing to join our very successful swimming lessons programme should contact the club’s Head of Teaching, Gill Ferdowsian or the club’s Head of Swimming, Paul Davison.

We will make arrangements for you to come along to the club for an informal chat and assessment – giving you a specific time and place for you to attend. This normally takes place at the same time as one of our club training sessions.

It is customary for the club to assess all new swimmers, regardless of whether they are experienced or novices. By speaking to a swimmer and seeing them swim, our coach can assess their abilities and identify which of our training squads* would be most suitable for them. The assessment meeting is also a good opportunity for the swimmer to ask any questions about our training programme and methods.

* Our training squads range from novices training for a couple of hours per week, to senior ‘national standard’ swimmers who potentially can train in excess of twenty hours per week.

What happens after my assessment?

After you have attended your meeting with our coach, you will be explained which squad we feel is appropriate for your current abilities. If you would then like to join the club, we will give you written details of how to sign up.

You will need to fill in a short application form with your personal and contact details. The club’s Membership Secretary will retain this form. The details you give on the form are treated as confidential and are only ever used by our club officials – your details are never passed on to anyone outside of the club. You will also be given details of the cost of joining the training squad we have recommended, along with a set of forms to enable you to set up your preferred method of payment for your membership and squad coaching fees.

If you are already a member of another club…
Please let the coaching staff at your present club know that you are intending to speak to us. This simple courtesy will help to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment that may be caused if you do not make them aware of what your intentions are.

Joining Policy

At heart, PSC has an ethos of competition but wishes to retain its status as a community club, offering swimming for a range of abilities and age groups. As a result, PSC aims to provide an appropriate swimming environment for anyone who wants to be involved in the sport of swimming; from learning to swim, through to national competition, masters swimming, and encompassing water polo.

For those wishing to learn to swim, PSC may, at times, have more demand for membership places than the Club is able to satisfy. We will aim to assess the swimmer and invite them to join the appropriate group as soon as a place is available.

In our competitive squads, we look to offer membership to swimmers that show an aptitude towards competitive swimming. Again, PSC will invite swimmers interested in joining the Club to an assessment where our coaches will grade the swimmers on the basis of age and ability. The Club then invites swimmers meeting the entry standard to join a specific squad. Each of these squads have a maximum number of available places, but we can normally accommodate new swimmers fairly quickly.

The Club is not obliged to extend membership to any potential swimmer yet we maintain a strict equality policy which conforms to the ASA policy. If, at an assessment, the coaches / teachers judge that swimmers do not meet the minimum criteria, then PSC is not obliged to fill the available places. If a swimmer is not offered membership, our coaches / teachers will attempt to provide feedback.

Club Payments

Please follow the link below which will allow you to setup club payment details via direct debit.

PSC – Go Cardless Payment Setup